Westbourne Consulting is an Australian-owned Canberra based SME that has provided specialised Information Technology services since 1995.  Westbourne has a strong track record working with Federal and state agencies and major ICT vendors providing specialised resourcing, as well as working as an independent solutions developer and systems integrator.  We offer services in three broad categories:

Program Delivery and Assurance

Westbourne offer services to customers plan, deliver, support, and assure business and technical transformation programs, including:

  • Business Case Development
  • Program Planning and Mobilisation
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Review and Recovery
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Project Manager Mentoring
  • Project and Program Assurance.

Outsourcing and Technology-based Consulting

We recognise that over time, systems grow and evolve to meet changing needs and business priorities. Westbourne Consulting is able to provide customers with cost-effective solutions for the ongoing development, maintenance and support of systems.  We offer customers support in the following areas:

  • System design and development, particularly
    • Bespoke mid-range application development
    • Imaging/Workflow solutions
    • Information and document management solutions
  • System maintenance and support.

System integration e.g. TRIM/Content Manager with 3rd party or custom systems.

Resourcing and Payroll Services

Specialised Resources

Westbourne is not a large industry player with access to a significant pool of resources that it provides with little value-add to its clients.  Rather, Westbourne is a niche player with a small but highly qualified and capable pool of resources.  These resources are both current employees and subcontractors of Westbourne, or are part of our stable of highly regarded contacts.

These contacts tend to be first-hand contacts of Westbourne management and its staff – we are only interested in people of proven character and performance – something that can bring confidence to prospective customers.  Specialised resources include:

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Technology/Solution Specialists
    • Information and Document Management, especially TRIM/Content Manager
    • Slipstream Ministerial
    • Imaging/Workflow

Payroll Services

Westbourne offers payroll services to organisations that have secured the services of the resources they need, and simply need a payroll company to work through.  Such services are offered on an open-book basis to both customers and candidates.