Slipstream: The Ministerial Workflow Solution.

Why choose Slipstream?

Slipstream is built to handle Ministerial business. Slipstream is not a general-purpose workflow application that has been re-written to handle ministerials. Rather, it has been designed from the ground up for the exclusive purpose of managing this important aspect of government business.

Functionality. Slipstream is a feature-rich application with functionality that exceeds that of competing systems.

Technology and Architecture. Slipstream has been built on a multi-tier COM+ architecture that uses XML to communicate. This architecture provides a high level of scalability, stability, reliability, and performance.

No dependency on other products. Slipstream has been built to operate stand-alone. With its in-built workflow, directory, and EDMS functions, no further software licenses are required. But if you have you own directory system or EDMS, we can integrate those too.

Ease of Use. Slipstream has an intuitive user interface that has been designed to provide power and flexibility to the everyday user, whilst also providing occasional users with a hassle-free experience. The system has undergone extensive useability testing and consistently achieves high levels of end-user satisfaction.

Total Cost of Ownership. Purchasers of Slipstream can choose between a number of software licensing models that maximise value whilst keep costs to a minimum. Low up-front and ongoing maintenance costs are important, but we also provide cost-effective customisation and integration services, as well as delivering significant savings on end-user training.

Return on Investment. Slipstream is a sound investment for most government or agencies. Coupled with a low TCO, Slipstream delivers proven productivity gains (including dramatically improved turnaround times), a reduction in maintenance and support costs, and minimal requirements for end-user training.

A complete customer service package. Westbourne Consulting is not just a software company. For many years we have provided system integration services to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a complete package – systems, integration, training, and support. We demand the same level of service from our partners, so you can be sure your investment will yield maximum value.