Slipstream: The Ministerial Workflow Solution.

What is Slipstream?

A typical government department replies to thousands of correspondence items written annually to the various ministers. They also prepare hundreds of briefing reports and responses to parliamentary questions. Traditionally, departments have managed this vast quantity of ministerial work through a combination of manual processes and basic tracking systems.

Slipstream is a ministerial workflow solution that automates and manages this critical aspect of government business. As well as powerful workflow capabilities, the system incorporates directory services, a fully-integrated electronic document management system, scanning capabilities, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and integration with Microsoft Word.

Slipstream produces many tangible benefits: The workflow engine allows each department to develop ministerial processes that align with their own ‘best-practices’. Its powerful reporting capabilities deliver an effective way for departmental officers to monitor work activity and progress. For the executive users, Slipstream provides succinct reports detailing the productivity of the department across the various organisational units. For the end user, Slipstream provides comprehensive ministerial item and attached file searching capability — all of which helps to improve productivity though the elimination of lost time and effort associated with manual item tracking.

Slipstream delivers a positive user experience. The system has been designed to keep the complexity under the covers. A simple, intuitive interface is complemented by the ability for users to customise their work area to suit their needs. Slipstream has the look and feel of commonly used Microsoft products, allowing users to leverage their existing skills and experience with those products and be productive within minutes. The end result: a simple, highly usable, intuitive interface leading to high levels of user acceptance and minimal training requirements.