Slipstream: The Ministerial Workflow Solution.

What is Slipstream?


Slipstream has been developed using ‘n-tier’ architecture deployed in a COM+ environment.

The strengths of this architecture lies in its capacity to provide practical, robust and scalable solutions:

  • All access to the database is controlled through the data access layer. This provides a secure method of access, and means that no client machine has direct access to the database. For maximum performance and security, all database operations are contained within stored procedures.
  • All business logic is contained within COM objects deployed on a Windows application server under COM+. COM+ manages the business objects and all business transactions. When combined with Windows Advanced Server, it provides a highly scalable environment capable of automatic load balancing.
  • The Slipstream client can be installed on any PC running NT 4.0 or later. It allows users to manage their ministerial items, run reports, scan documents, and generate documents. Slipstream also comes with a stand-alone Corporate Directory client, which can be deployed across the organisation to provide basic directory services.

The following diagram illustrates Slipstream architecture.

Slipstream Technologies
Component architecture
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